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ABT Wag Tail Soft Series

Full review coming soon.

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ERIC D( AUBURN, WA) Feb 05, 2008
ABT Wagtail Soft Series
I just received 3 baits I ordered. The Hitch color is ROF 1 but the 2 Rainbow Trout say ROF 12 on the package.

Haven't got 'em wet yet but they look great.
Tag( Bellingham, WA) Feb 04, 2008
Quality Swimbait
ABT Wagtail Soft Series


* Durable, good looking paint jobs
Note: Paint durability was an issue with the first run of the Soft Wagtails but has been improved dramatically since.

* Great looking, lifelike eyes. In my opinion, some of the best eyes you will see on a soft swimbait.

* Good Color Selection - Trout, Hitch, etc.

* Excellent action - Realistic swimming action with a nice subtle tail kick

* Quality stock hook with multiple rigging options. The stock hook is very sharp, stout and has a good sized gap. I think you will see a relatively high hook up percentage with this bait. There is an eye behind the dorsal fin and an eye on the bottom of the bait for easy stinger rigging options.

* Most importantly, the Soft Wagtail gets bit. I've had good luck on both largemouth and smallmouth with this lure.


* Only one sink rate available at the time of this review. A little difficult to fish in deep water. However, there may be a faster rate of fall available in the future.

Overall: Awesome bait!

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