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SR Plastics SR7 Swimbait

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview: The SR7W-Weedless and SR7W-Weighted swimbaits came out in '03 and are available in 10 colors.  The SR7W-Weedless weighs 2oz and comes stock with a 5/0 owner straight shank hook.  The SR7W-Weighted is slightly heavier at 2.5oz and comes with a jighead molded into the head, most likely a 5/0 Mustad Ultrapoint. 

Pros: When you look at the photos above that show the bottom of the lure, you'll notice that the tail is very large compared with the thin body of the bait.  This, combined with the narrow taper of the tail, gives the lure a tremendous amount of kick.  If you ever had one of the old Worm King Dinosaur swimbaits, this bait has a similar tail action because it kicks so far to each side that the tail starts to wrap up around itself in either direction.  What the means fishing wise is that you can fish the lure very slowly and it will keep kicking.  And if you do speed it up, it has a pretty spastic tail action.  Either way, the tail design gives you a lot of retrieve speed options and both the baits I have ran true at all speeds.

As you can see, the Weighted model comes with a large jighead style hook.  I like that setup because on a 7" bait, you're going to hook a lot of fish that hit you.  This bait would be a good one to consider for tourney fishing where you want to stick those 3 and 4lb fish.  The internal leadhead setup is cool too because it makes the bait look uniform from underneath (the fish's perspective) and it distributes the weight a little bit which makes it a little less likely that the fish will jump and spit the hook. Color wise there are some good options.  I thought the bass color looked pretty sweet, and I happen to be a fan of the olive colors like the carp color they have available.  The trout colors are decent, though I didn't like the fact you can see the silver lead block through the head of the bait.  You should be able to get a decent number of fish per bait based on the construction.  I'd say 6 to 12 fish per bait wouldn't be unreasonable, more possibly on the Weightless model that has a line pass through construction in the head. 

Cons: While I like the Weighted model and the hook setup there, the Weightless model has me a little perplexed that it comes with a 5/0 round bend hook.  I tried a couple ways of rigging it and the only way that gave me any comfort that I might actually hook the fish was to rig the hook coming out of the back of the bait completely so that it looked like the Weighted model.  That setup seems pretty good, but fishing it weedless style with that hook just seems like a recipe for missed bites. 

If you want to go weedless with this bait, an 8/0 G-Mag hook would be a better choice.  Sticking a huge treble in it might be an ok option too if you were planning on fishing the Weedless model on a faster retrieve up toward the surface.  You could actually make a two hook setup with just the prongs coming out of the belly of the bait for surface fishing this bait.  Since it has a slit in it, the hooks would be pretty well hidden and the bait is thin in enough that you'd still have some hook gap left on the sides of the bait.  

As far as I know, this lure is no longer in production.

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