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22nd Century Swimbait Co. Triple Trout

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview:  The 22nd Century Triple Trout was released in late 2004.  These baits are manufactured in Southern California by Scott Whitmer and sold under the 22nd Century brand.  There are currently four sizes available:

Approx. Price

The colors pictured above are the most available colors right now.  There are other colors available but availability on other colors may vary.  The Triple Trout is made from a composite (wood like) material and all baits come stock with VMC hooks.  

Pros: The first thing you're going to notice with the Triple Trout is that it has no apparent swimming mechanism.  Similar to the 3:16 Sidewinder, the Triple Trout swims because the shape of the head causes the bait to move back and forth and the body just sort of follows along.  The positioning of the two joints results an extraordinary S curve type action that is much more exaggerated than you would think could be generated from a lure with no bill.  This lure literally swims like the letter S on a slow to medium retrieve.  If you rip the bait or hit the rod, you can make the lure actually turn around backwards which is something that few lures can do (picture a Lucky Craft Pointer Minnow).

In addition to its unusual action, the Triple Trout fishes surprisingly well at high speeds.  You can burn the bait on the surface as fast as you can reel and it won't roll over or turn on its side.  I have a half dozen of these baits and they all exhibit this ability.  The speed versatility gives you a lot of options on the retrieve.  You could slow wind it in the 3 to 5 foot depth range, then burn it up over a weedbed or tree, then slow it way down again on the other side.  Or you could let the bait sink out into 20' and burn it back as fast as you can possibly reel to make it look like a trout shooting up off the bottom to escape.  When you kill the bait is stops almost immediately and begins a slow steady fall.  The bait will actually continue to make slow S turns on the fall if you give it enough slack.  One last thing to mention about the action is the fact that you can feel the lure swimming on the end of your rod, especially on the 10" version.  I personally like baits where I can feel the lure swimming because it demonstrates to me that the bait is sending out a good disturbance in the water, and it helps me keep contact with the lure.

Another interesting and unique feature on the Triple Trout is the way the hooks are affixed to the bait.  There are heavy duty swivels molded into the body of the lure so instead of attaching the split ring and hook to a stationary eyelet, you attach the split ring and hook to a swivel.  This allows the hook to rotate 360 degrees which could potentially keep the fish from getting leverage to rip out the hook.  Its an interesting modification, one that I think will work well and help land more fish on this bait.  

Overall the Triple Trout is a solid performer and I've heard through the fishing grapevine that a number of tournaments in Southern California have been won on this bait already.  If you're looking for a swimbait with a lot of action that can be burned, ripped and twitched, this is a great option.

Cons: There are a few inconveniences with the Triple Trout worth mentioning.  Number one is the hooks.  The VMC hooks on this bait are the type that have a habit of bending out on big fish.  I've seen it happen on these hooks with stripers on several occasions and once on a bass.  You'd do well to switch them out for Owner or Gammie hooks.  

When you switch the hooks you should also be sensitive to hook weight.  If you rig up a couple 2/0 Owners on the 7" for example, the added weight will decrease the action on the lure.  For the 7" Triple Trout I would recommend a 1/0 in the front and a #1 in the back.  For the 10" I would go with 2/0 in front and either 2/0 or 1/0 in the back.  I'd be inclined to fish Gammies on the 10" bait also.  

The other issue on the Triple Trout is that the bait has a tendency to beat on itself.  What I mean by that is that when the bait swims, the joints knock into each other and wear down the paint in those areas.  This is especially true on the 10" bait.  After a few trips of burning the bait and fishing it hard, you're going to start to chew up the paint in and around the joint.  If you're concerned about that, some Aristocrat liquid glass or Devcon 2 Epoxy will help reduce wear and tear.  Longevity wise, you should expect 50+ fish per bait since there's nothing really with the lure that will wear out.

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"Triton" Mike Bucca( Acworth, GA) Apr 07, 2007
Triple Trout Success...
I have been fishing the Triple Trout for almost 2 years now. This is the bait that got me started in swimbait fishing and I haven't put it down since. Here on my waters in and around Atlanta, Georgia, it's my GOTO bait for big spots and largemouth. The action of the Triple Trout is to die for and the fish definitely are attracted to the action of the bait. Everyone that has reviewed the bait is spot on in their reviews. Everything can be improved upon. I think some of the newer Triple Trouts have an even more realistic paint job than when they first came out. One thing is for certain the Triple Trout sure does call the fish out of cover. I've had clients annahilate a brushpile with other baits and then I have thrown a Triple Trout in there on the first cast and I have gotten woofed and this has happened too many times to count. It is by far my favorite swimbait. However, I do need to get more versatile with other styles of baits.

Brian Linehan( Murrieta, CA) Dec 29, 2006
Best bait on the market
If you are looking for an erratic bait, then this is the best one on the market. Althought the Huddleston is tough to beat at times, the Triple Trout is a different type of bait. If I were fishing deep structure, I'd run with the Hudd, but the Triple Trout is death when they are suspended. I like the 7" best, but they are all deadly.
Taylor Posey( Sacramento, CA) Dec 23, 2005
Finally a swimbait with some real action
Out of all the swimbaits I have used this is the one that has the BEST action IMO you can feel it kick at the end of your rod like a big crank. And it swims like a fish check out the video! I have cought fish waking this bait and fishing it as deep as 25ft that is another reason why its a killer bait!

The good...
1.Can be fished at any depth
2.Great S like swimming action
3.Tails are esially replaced with a screw lock system
4.Works well immitaing all bait fish not just a trout
5.Can be fished at any speed with out rolling
6.Fairly durable catches at least 50+ fish per bait

The bad....
1.Hard to come by
3.Paint Jobs (not very durable or realistic)

Overall I think this is a great bait for someone who like a bait that KICKS!
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