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Stardust weekend & Fish Count 06/02/10 [View all]
9 Anglers 36 Rockfish, 2 Kelp Bass, 2 Barred Sand Bass Tomorrow and Saturday are super lite. Friday thinking about running up the coast to the napl
StardustJun-03-10 10:53 AM02197

Stardust Weekend Ahead! [View all]
We are online for 1/2 day trips on saturday & sunday. VERY light loads both days. Georgous weather for both days and great conditions. Bring your li
StardustFeb-04-11 07:59 AM02910

Stardust Weekend is a go! [View all]
Our 1/2 day trips are running all weekend. We leave at 9am & return around 3pm. Call the Sea Landing 805-963-3564 or email stardustsportfishing @hotm
StardustJan-14-11 06:34 PM03064

Stardust Weekend! [View all]
NICE WEEKEND!!! Just let everybody know we're gonna have a nice weekend fishing here at the island. Sounds like Saturday and Sunday will be great weat
StardustMar-24-10 04:31 PM02139

Steady 1/2 day fishing [View all]
Stardust 8.2.16 1/2 day Coastal Hey everybody! Capt. Jason giving the afternoon Stardust 1/2 day report We had a very fun day catching all differen
StardustAug-02-16 03:15 PM02563

Steady day at Santa Rosa [View all]
Good afternoon folks we are on our way in from a relaxing day of island rockfish fishing with gorgeous flat weather! Nothing bit real fast and furi
StardustMay-07-16 05:01 PM02752

Steady Fishing [View all]
18 Anglers, 133 Rockfish, 4 Lingcod, 1 Sheephead, 1 Sand Bass. 1/2 day fishing continues to be steady, with lots of nice rockfish, and lingcod. We h
StardustApr-23-14 03:04 PM0773

Steady fishing [View all]
18 Anglers, 136 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod,1 Ocean Whitefish. Pretty good fishing today on the local grounds. Thursday's 1/2 day trip is a go. Friday's 3/4 d
StardustJun-04-14 04:28 PM0679

Stellar 1/2 day fun [View all]
Today was a stellar 1/2 day trip. We had beautiful weather, great fishing and lots o fun! 19 anglers brought back 126 rockfish, 2 ocean whitefish, and
StardustMar-11-13 04:06 PM0946

Stellar day at Rosa [View all]
38 Anglers, 228 Red Rockfish, 152 Rockfish, 3 Diamond Turbot. Stellar fishing at Santa Rosa Island. Going again tomorrow, come on out & be at the la
StardustDec-10-11 07:33 PM01436

Stellar Island Fishing [View all]
Holy Cow! SUPER fishing today out at Santa Rosa Island, limits of rockfish and a bunch of whitefish too. 40 Anglers, 238 Rockfish, 162 Red Snapper,
StardustAug-12-11 01:49 PM01906

Still Feels Like Summer Here! [View all]
18 Anglers, 137 Rockfish, 4 Whitefish, 6 Lingcod, 2 Sheephead, 1 Sand Bass. Nice fishing this morning, lots of rockfish and some good lingcod too. W
StardustSep-25-14 03:34 PM0892

Still Feels Like Summer! [View all]
21 Anglers, 173 Rockfish, 2 Whitefish, 1 Lingcod, 2 Calico Bass, 8 Sheephead, 1 Sand Bass. We still have a good surface bite here in Santa Barbara.
StardustNov-20-14 05:16 PM01091

Still Fishing [View all]
Sorry I have been asleep at the switch on the catch reports. Duck Hunting ruins me every year. On the 31st of December the Stardust had an excellent t
HowardJan-02-07 10:13 AM03421

Success in the kelp [View all]
The weather was great, nice shallow fishing in the kelp again today. Caught lots of nice fish, and look forward to doing more of it on friday morning
StardustJun-15-11 02:45 PM02087

Successful kids Trip [View all]
20 Anglers, 52 Red Rockfish, 106 Rockfish. We took out a group of boys from the Los Prietos Boys Camp, and had a really nice time fishing. Thank you
StardustJul-09-14 03:29 PM0795

Summer Fun [View all]
Great half day trip today we had 26 anglers go out and bring back one really nice lingcod 119 Rockfish 6 sand bass 2 Sheephead and one really nice hal
StardustAug-02-12 08:20 PM01065

Summer fun [View all]
28 Anglers, 3 Lingcod, 156 Rockfish. Another good trip 1/2 day fishing in the books. We are having a really nice time fishing in Santa Barbara, enjo
StardustAug-12-14 02:28 PM0906

Summertime...and the fishn's EZ [View all]
39 anglers, 60 red rockfish, 330 Rockfish, 4 barracuda, 1 ocean whitefish, 1 calico bass, 1 mako shark, 1 lingcod, 17 calico bass released. Got it don
StardustJun-27-14 09:48 PM0777

Sunday 05/16 trip [View all]
This Sunday is our only Open Party 3/4 day trip this weekend. Weather is looking great, call to make reservations 805-963-3564.
StardustMay-11-10 11:11 AM02263

Sunday 10/19/08 3/4 Day Open Party [View all]
We are running a nice light 3/4day trip on Sunday the 19th. Make a reservation with the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara at 805.963.3564
HowardOct-15-08 06:26 PM01586

Sunday 3/4 day to Santa Rosa!! [View all]
Sunday's 3/4 day trip will be going to Santa Rosa. Great weather. Steer clear of the graduation crowds and come out fishing. Trip leaves at 7am and
StardustJun-11-10 10:58 AM02184

Sunday AM 1/2 day [View all]
Sunday we have a Morning 1/2 day charter The 1/2 day trips have been fantastic, catching tons of sheephead, whitefish, rockfish & reds!! Call the la
StardustNov-03-12 09:52 AM0938

Sunday on the Stardust & Fish Count 07/24-26/09 [View all]
07-26-2009 1/2 Day 27 Anglers 148 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 122 Vermilion Rockfish 07-25-2009 1/2 Day 24 Anglers 127 Vermilion Rockfish, 113 Rockfish
HowardJul-26-09 07:01 PM01296

Sunshine & Fishing [View all]
13 Anglers, 84 Red Rockfish, 23 Rockfish, 3 Lingcod, 2 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Sheephead, 1 Sculpin. Awesome sunny day to go fishing in Santa Barbara! We h
StardustApr-30-14 05:06 PM0747
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