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Stardust Schedule - Now Online [View all]
http://www.stardusts portfishing.com/sche dule/index.html Y ou can check out the monthly schedule at this link from now on :)
swimbaitApr-11-06 08:46 PM04115

April 10, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
Light load today, just 9 anglers went out. They brought in 9 Whitefish, 35 Reds, 55 Rockfish, 1 Calico Bass and 1 Sheephead
HowardApr-10-06 04:39 PM02597

Updated Stardust trip schedule [View all]
The Stardust will be adding a weekend 3/4 day trip to the weekly schedule. There will be a weekly 3/4 day trip on Sundays and Fridays.
HowardApr-10-06 11:16 AM01982

April 9, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
22 anglers on the half day caught 100 Whitefish, 120 Reds and 85 Rockfish.
HowardApr-10-06 11:15 AM01741

March 24, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
Today 40 anglers on a 3/4 day trip caught 45 Ocean Whitefish, 160 Reds and 200 Rockfish. I believe they fished at Santa Rosa Island today.
HowardMar-24-06 05:14 PM01763

March 22, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
I got out there today. Jason took 10 anglers out looking at new areas. I commend him for his efforts to keep looking for new areas. He found several p
HowardMar-24-06 10:10 AM01711

March 12, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
The morning run had 28 anglers, catching 18 Whitefish, 23 Reds, 1 Sand bass, and 103 Rockfish. The afternoon run had 10 anglers. They caught 50 Red
HowardMar-13-06 10:28 AM01643

March 5, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
20 anglers on an all day run caught 15 Whitefish, 120 Reds, 80 Rockfish and 2 Sheephead.
HowardMar-06-06 10:34 AM01598

Rockfish Opener March 1 2006 Schedule [View all]
Rockfish opens on Wed. March 1, 2006. Wed the Stardust is running a trip to San Augustine. Boat leaves at 6:00 AM. There are two spots left. This one
HowardFeb-27-06 01:42 PM01755

February 19, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
Well today 24 anglers caught 8 Sand bass and 14 Calico Bass. Only a short time until the opener of Rockfish. Look out Browns.
HowardFeb-22-06 02:33 PM01726

February 12, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
Tough today only 8 bass caught. The bass have been biting today was slow. My son was out,current was tough.
HowardFeb-13-06 02:28 PM01703

January 15, 2006 Fish Count [View all]
Good news. The Stardust is back in service with new paint and is looking sweet. The bass bit today. Only 9 anglers went out and caught 34 Sandbass and
HowardJan-16-06 10:29 AM02547

November 26, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
Duck hunting is slow, so the boys and I went fishing today. The weather was very difficult. High winds made fishing tough. Jason did an outstanding jo
HowardNov-28-05 09:27 AM02276

October 30, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
I have been slacking on the fish counts. I get this way during duck season. I apologize. The morning run had 20 anglers catching 2 Whitefish, 90 R
HowardOct-31-05 03:58 PM02260

October 11, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
Good fishing today. Only 13 anglers went out. They caught 3 Reds, 2 Sheephead, 4 Sandbass and 80 Rockfish.
HowardOct-12-05 11:47 AM02285

October 6, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
6 anglers caught 1 Red and 48 Rockfish
HowardOct-06-05 05:11 PM01941

Sept 25, 2005 Fish count [View all]
12 anglers catching 19 Whitefish, 50 Reds, 70 Rockfish and 5 Lings
HowardSep-26-05 10:23 AM01957

August 31, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
A nice snap on the Calico bass today. 8 anglers catching 72 Calico Bass. Lets hope this keeps up
HowardSep-01-05 09:41 AM02331

August 21, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
37 anglers on the AM run caught 41 Barracuda, 9 Sandbass, 6 Rockfish and 60 Rockfish. The afternoon had 33 anglers catching 3 Reds, 48 Sandbass, 5
HowardAug-22-05 03:36 PM02274

August 18, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
Variety for 12 anglers. 2 Reds, 2 Whitefish, 30 Sandbass, 14 Calico Bass and 66 Rockfish
HowardAug-19-05 09:19 AM01871

August 7, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
47 anglers left the dock on the morning run. They boated 225 Rockfish. The afternoon had 17 anglers. They had a nice pick on the Calico Bass. They
HowardAug-08-05 11:25 AM02458

August 6, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
What a great day out at San Augustine. We ended up with limits for the charter. The ocean was sweet. Flat and calm with a little current. The Reds tha
HowardAug-08-05 11:24 AM02205

August 6 2005 Charter openings [View all]
I have four spots available for a 5 A.M. to 5 P.M. charter on the Stardust. We will be fishing the San Augustine area. Cost is $60 per spot and the tr
HowardAug-01-05 02:06 PM02387

July 27, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
The morning run had 20 anglers catching 11 Boccacio, 2 Whitefish, 2 Sand Bass, 39 Rockfish and 51 Calico Bass The afternoon run had 11 anglers catc
HowardJul-28-05 03:07 PM02160

July 21, 2005 Fish Count [View all]
14 anglers on the half day caught 3 Reds, 4 Sandbass and 56 Rockfish
HowardJul-22-05 11:39 AM01782
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