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California Corbina Fishing 101

By Bill HartmanMarch 9, 2001

Fishing too easy? You always get some. Need more of a challenge? If this sounds like you, then you're ready for corbina fishing.

When summer comes to Southern California, the corbina arrive on our beaches. They cruise the shoreline searching for food. Sometimes they are so engrossed in feeding in very shallow water, that their backs are up out of the water. Corbina get up over 6 pounds and about 28 inches in length. Excellent eyesight allows them to see you. Line shy? Extremely! Even with the right bait, the correct set-up, perfect tide and time of day, often as not, you'll go home empty. It took three years of seriously stalking corbina before I caught one. With corbina, it's often the fishing and not necessarily the catching that is rewarding.

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