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Review Comment Guidelines

By Rob BelloniJune 14, 2005

At the bottom of each review page is a link to write your own review. welcomes all comments whether they are positive or negative.  All reviews are screened and will be posted as soon as possible after you submit them.

There are some guidelines you may wish to follow to make your review as useful as possible.  The basic concept in writing any review is to be detailed and specific, and give examples to back up your statements.  Simply stating that something is good or bad is OK, but a useful review gives details, insight, and reasoning behind the comments.  Below are some sample reviews to help guide you along in your review writing process.  Remember that good spelling and capitalization will help you seem like you know what you are talking about! 

Please note that any reviews containing profanity or that fall outside of the guidelines of good taste will not be published.  If your review is inappropriate but you have entered a valid email when submitting the review, you will be notified by email so that we can work to make your review acceptable.  If your review is completely inappropriate it will be sucked into a black hole never to be seen again. 

Sample good review: The xvy swimbait has been one of my favories for many years.  I love this bait for its subtle action and the fact that it can be retrieved at super slow speeds.  My favorite technique with this bait is to wind is slowly over grass beds and wait for the bass to pop out and drill it!  I fish xyz swimbait on 25lb with the Shimano Crucial X-Heavy.  That rod has worked really well for me when it comes to putting fish in the boat.

The only thing I don't really like about xyz swimbait is the hook positioning.  The belly hook is too far back, so I rig a 1/0 Owner stinger from the nose of the bait and then insert that hook right below the chin of the lure.  Other than that, this bait is awesome.

Sample good review: I disagree with Rob's review of the xyz rat lure.  The xyz rat lure hasn't produced much for me at all.  When I did get bit on the xyz rat, I had a terrible time hooking and landing the fish.  Rob says he's hooked a lot of bass and landed them no problem on the xyz rat but I sure haven't.  It seems like the bass really only want to nip at the tail and they won't commit to swallowing the whole lure.  I'm ready to hang it up with this bait and try something else.

Sample bad review: i cought seven big ones on this bait and my brother also cought a 6 pounder. the only problem wuz when the damn tail fell off and i couldent get any more

Sample bad review: dude this bait fully sucks.  anyone who buys this bait is an idiot

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