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The Art of Being a Barni

By James BeckDecember 11, 1997

Planning:  No time is more crucial for success that the time taken for proper planning.  Your first course of action will be to determine where it is that you are going to attempt this undertaking.  Selecting the best location will be key in deciding whether you will ultimately succeed or fail.  The best places depend on what you are fishing for.  If you are fishing for trout, generally the best place is right where the truck dumped them into the lake or stream, the closer the better.  For freshwater bass nothing beats out a Park fishing pier.  The best place for catfish is from the tailgate of your truck parked on the lakeside mud.  The ocean also has some key places.  Public piers are an excellent place to start.  Second choice would be any popular surf fishing spot such as the break wall in Santa Barbara. 

Timing is much easier to judge.  Anyone who is at the lake before 1pm is not a true Barni.  The most accurate method of attaining the correct fishing time is waiting until you suck the last few drops out of your 10th Budweiser for the morning. 

Another important part of timing involves the season and the weather.  True Barnis only come out in the summer and the hotter the better.  Can you try to imagine a Barni fishing in boxers and a wife beater in the middle of winter? Of course not! so don't make the mistake of heading out when its too cold.

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