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Stardust 1/2 day limits [View all]
16 Anglers, 1 Whitefish, 122 Red Rockfish, 1 Sheephead, 38 Rockfish. Nice limits of rockfish on our coastal half day trip today, we also got to see a
StardustMar-16-16 03:16 PM01307

Stardust 1/2 day Fishing [View all]
Stardust had its first 1/2 day trip of the Season today. Great local fishing, and an all around fun day. 16 Anglers, 61 Rockfish, 3 Whitefish, 73 Red
StardustMar-15-16 04:18 PM01356

Coral Sea 3/4 day [View all]
3/4 Day Coastal Had a great time with our 10 passengers up the coast today. Beautiful weather with a little swell and overall great fishing on a
StardustMar-15-16 03:00 PM01088

Coral Sea Coastal Charter [View all]
3.14.16 Coral Sea- Private Charter We had an absolute blast today fishing with a 7 person charter from Sanford Winery! We opted to fish up the coa
StardustMar-14-16 01:23 PM01064

Stardust 3/4 day at Islands [View all]
3-13-16 Island 3/4 Day We made it across to the islands today with a break in the weather and had very good Rockfishing in 40-45 fathoms of water
StardustMar-13-16 03:30 PM01067

Coral Sea Island 3/4 day [View all]
3.13.16 Coral Sea 3/4 Day Island Trip We took advantage of the one nice day to run across & fish Santa Rosa Island this week & had a very producti
StardustMar-13-16 03:15 PM01076

Stardust Private Charter Limits [View all]
Today we had a private charter with 40 eager anglers. We fished up the coast today and despite 14-16 knots of wind all morning the group fished hard
StardustMar-12-16 12:35 PM01127

Coral Sea coastal 3/4 day [View all]
3.12.16 3/4 coastal Fished up the coast in breezy conditions today with a light load of awesome anglers. Had one regular who did well on 6 oz jig
StardustMar-12-16 11:42 AM01123

Stardust 3/4 day [View all]
3-10-15. Afternoo n Update Very steady fishing today up the coast on almost straight nice quality Reds. Our 30 happy anglers fished hard all m
StardustMar-10-16 01:59 PM01240

Coral Sea Local 3/4 day [View all]
Wednesday March 9th 3/4 Day Coastal Heading in after a fun day of rockfish fishing up the coast. Our 23 anglers ended up with 225 reds & 5 rockfi
StardustMar-09-16 03:24 PM01284

And that's why they call it fishing folks! [View all]
3.5.16 3/4 Day Island Trip: "And that's why they call it fishing folks" Today was a tough one for us at Santa Rosa Island! We traveled far up the
StardustMar-05-16 06:39 PM01968

Stardust 3/4 day 3.5.16 [View all]
3-5-16 Island 3/4 day trip. We fished Santa Rosa Island today and had a very trying day of fishing. Our awesome group of anglers stuck with i
StardustMar-05-16 06:11 PM01289

Coral Seab3/4 day [View all]
3/4 Island Trip Very slow start to our island 3/4 day trip today! At around 12:30, with only 30 rockfish onboard we rolled the dice & ran up the isla
StardustMar-04-16 05:20 PM01200

Coral Sea 3/4 Day Picks Up [View all]
Coral Sea went across to Santa Rosa Island, with a nice light load. Moved around, looking for the more productive spots, rewarding everyone with limit
StardustMar-03-16 05:11 PM01236

Limits at Rosa! [View all]
35 Anglers, 98 Red Rockfish, 252 Rockfish, 12 Lingcod. Limits of Rockfish at Santa Rosa Island on the Stardust today! Some nice lingcod too. Great
StardustMar-01-16 05:56 PM01153

Rockfish Opener Channel Islands [View all]
24 Anglers, 52 Red Rockfish, 180 Rockfish, 18 Lingcod. Happy Season Opener friends! The Coral Sea went out on her first trip of the year today, and ne
StardustMar-01-16 05:22 PM01141

Rockfish opener has lots of room! [View all]
Can you believe Rockfish & Lingcod season starts this next Tuesday?! The crew of the Stardust and the Coral Sea are ready to get back out there. We wi
StardustFeb-24-16 07:47 AM01324

Ling-a-palooza [View all]
21 Anglers, 182 Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 63 Lingcod. Wow, the lingcod bite at the Islands has been awesome!! Limits again of lingcod for 21 anglers, a
StardustNov-06-15 04:44 PM01384

Coral Sea 1/2 Day [View all]
13 Anglers, 42 Rockfish, 45 Red Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 8 Lingcod, 10 Sheephead. Nice 1/2 day fishing on rockfish with a bunch of good sheephead in th
StardustNov-06-15 04:19 PM01286

fun local fishing [View all]
25 Anglers, 3 Whitefish, 3 Lingcod, 102 Red Rockfish, 3 Sheephead, 27 Rockfish 15 Anglers, 40 Red Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 4 Sheephead, 63 Rockfish We h
StardustOct-25-15 06:24 PM01271

Rockfish & Whitefish! [View all]
35 Anglers, 155 Rockfish, 307 Whitefish, 17 Lingcod, 2 Sheephead, 1 Cabezon. Super fun fishing at the islands on a private charter. The Stardust got i
StardustOct-24-15 05:59 PM01579

Rockfish Limits [View all]
26 Anglers, 165 Red Rockfish, 95 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod. Excellent fishing for rockfish, mostly reds up the coast here in Santa Barbara today. Big chuc
StardustOct-18-15 03:35 PM01374

Bonito & Lots of Room! [View all]
Private Charter today on a short 1/2 day trip. We caught a bunch of bonito, and some small bass. Fun day on the water for sure, Thanks to our group
StardustOct-08-15 04:58 PM01495

Fish Still Here [View all]
32 Anglers, 30 Red Rockfish, 28 Rockfish, 1 Yellowtail. Saw quite a few Yellowtail, hooked into 5, landed 1. They are here, its just a matter of the
StardustSep-28-15 04:38 PM01525

Limits at Santa Rosa Island [View all]
27 Angles, 195 Rockfish, 14 Lingcod, 75 Red Rockfish. Great day of rockfish catching! Limits of rockfish, really good quality, good eating fish. Ou
StardustSep-24-15 04:49 PM01226
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