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Coastal 1/2 Day Trip [View all]
18 Anglers, 100 Red Rockfish, 61 Rockfish. Very scratchy fishing today, quality was very good and the weather was extraordinary; I don't think it blew
StardustMay-04-16 04:09 PM02270

Shallow water fishing at Santa Rosa [View all]
Good afternoon anglers we heading in from a very nice day of fishing at Santa Rosa Island today. We had 39 eager anglers come with us today and they d
StardustMay-01-16 05:12 PM02175

Stardust 1/2 day gets limits & sunshine [View all]
13 Anglers, 84 Red Rockfish, 46 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 8 Sheephead, 1 Whitefish. Super fun light load 1/2 day fishing trip today on the Stardust. We had
StardustApr-20-16 03:09 PM02067

Stardust 1/2 day Sheephead & rockfish [View all]
Wow! Today was an awesome 1/2 day trip up here in Santa Barbara. Limits of nice reds & copper rockfish, followed by a nice 12# halibut some lingcod a
StardustApr-19-16 02:34 PM01908

Lingcod bite on the 3/4 day [View all]
Good afternoon folks, we are on our way in from a fun day of island fishing today. The weather today was absolutely flat and gorgeous and the fishing
StardustApr-18-16 04:55 PM01996

Cora Sea Fun 1/2 Day [View all]
Good afternoon folks, we hope every enjoyed the beautiful weather today! We are cruising in from a very enjoyable day of 1/2 day fishing with a full l
StardustApr-17-16 05:41 PM01929

Stardust at Rosa [View all]
Good afternoon anglers we are making our way toward the dock after fishing Santa Rosa Island today. Our day started very slow today as we had anywhere
StardustApr-17-16 05:35 PM02017

Shallow water charter [View all]
Good afternoon Anglers we are heading back to the dock after enjoying beautiful weather study fishing on both quality Rockfish and some nice Ling Cod.
StardustApr-16-16 04:44 PM02186

Sunshine & Islands on the Coral Sea [View all]
On our way back from fishing Santa Rosa Island today with absolutely gorgeous weather folks! The first hour of our trip fishing the deeps was absol
StardustApr-16-16 04:19 PM01735

Shallow water at the Islands [View all]
Good afternoon anglers. We are just getting back into cell reception after enjoying a very productive day of Rockfishing in the shallower water betwe
StardustApr-10-16 06:33 PM01710

Coral sea at the Islands [View all]
Good afternoon folks, we are returning home from a productive day of island rockfish fishing despite the somewhat gloomy, wet weather today... With
StardustApr-09-16 05:05 PM01618

Great day at the Islands [View all]
Coming back in today with 18 happy anglers on board after enjoying beautiful flat calm weather and productive fishing throughout the day. We started
StardustApr-08-16 04:02 PM01545

Light load on Both boats [View all]
Coral Sea 1/2 day and Stardust 3/4 day have a super light load for Friday. Been catching huge reds on the 1/2 day local trips. Big reds/coppers are st
StardustApr-07-16 12:11 PM01579

Stardust 3/4 day [View all]
Well folks had to work for everything we put in the bags today. We got off the dock today with 27 eager anglers and headed across to Santa Rosa Island
StardustMar-24-16 06:14 PM01550

Coral Sea Limits & Whales [View all]
1/2 day fishing on the Coral Sea was on FIRE!! Fast and easy limits let us spend some time watching humpback whales in front of our harbor! 16 Angler
StardustMar-24-16 02:48 PM01478

Stardust 1/2 Day Reds & Coppers [View all]
Great day on the water, we had quite a few walk ups this morning filling out the boat. Capt. Jason and crew had a great day fishing with everyone on
StardustMar-23-16 03:08 PM01296

Coral Sea Big Fat Reds [View all]
3.21.16 Coral Sea 3/4 Day Island Trip Hello folks, we are on our way home from a very productive day of fishing at Santa Rosa Island. We had very
StardustMar-21-16 04:15 PM01327

Stardust 1/2 day Reds [View all]
Stardust anglers & crew had speedy limits on nice rockfish, continuing to mostly consist of reds. 19 Anglers, 1 Lingcod, 38 Rockfish, 152 Red Rockfish
StardustMar-21-16 03:37 PM01467

Getting the job done [View all]
3-20-2016 Open party 3/4 Day Island Trip First of all I want to thank everyone that came fishing with us. We had very tough fishing this mornin
StardustMar-20-16 05:21 PM01339

Coral Sea 90 min Limits [View all]
Flat calm seas & a full boat of eager anglers enjoyed full speed fishing on reds today! We got lucky and came across a batch of reds that wanted to ch
StardustMar-20-16 12:33 PM01435

Stardust Rockfish tournament at Rosa [View all]
3-19-2016 5 am Santa Barbara Sport fishing Club Charter. Our group today was having there annual Rockfish tournament and we opted to head to Sa
StardustMar-19-16 02:45 PM02156

Excellent fishing at Augustine [View all]
3.19.16 Coral Sea Tony Calles Charter Tony & his group wanted to run up the coast and fish San Augustine today & it ended up being a good call for
StardustMar-19-16 02:21 PM02077

Stardust 3/4 day at Islands [View all]
3-17-16 3/4 Day Island Trip Beautiful weather and great quality today. Light wind allowed us to fish Santa Rosa Island today and the fish did no
StardustMar-17-16 04:57 PM01274

Coral Sea 1/2 day [View all]
Beautiful day on the water with the Coral Sea 1/2 day trip. We had over half our fish on the boat by 11am, and finished the rest not long after. 17 A
StardustMar-17-16 04:14 PM01443

Coral sea 3/4 day at Santa Rosa Island [View all]
3.16.16 Coral Sea 3/4 Day- Islands Very good fishing today folks! The gorgeous weather allowed us to fish the front side of Santa Rosa and it was
StardustMar-16-16 03:39 PM01918
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