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March 22, 2000 Hello Calico Bass [View all]
Did I call it or what? Today with 6 fisherman the Stardust had 30 calico bass, 1 sandbass, 4 sculpin, 6 barracuda, and 5 rockfish. Time to get out t
RobMar-22-00 04:12 PM
by Rob

March 11, 2000 Special Report [View all]
After weeks of dreary weather, the sun came shining through for the weekend and Summer, myself and 30 or so anglers boarded the Stardust for the morni
RobMar-13-00 08:58 PM
by Rob

March 8th Fish Report [View all]
Today with 8 anglers the Stardust captured 1 calico bass, 14 sandbass, 3 sculpin, 2 mackerel, 2 whitefish, 7 red snapper, and 29 rockfish. Purty nice
RobMar-07-00 10:46 PM
by Rob

March 1st fish report [View all]
The rockfish season is back open, and with 14 anglers the Stardust sacked up 1 calico bass, 2 sculpin, 25 whitefish, 11 ling cod, 20 red snapper, and
RobMar-01-00 04:45 PM
by Rob

February 13, 2000 Fish Report [View all]
Today with a light load of 5 anglers the Stardust had 12 calico bass and 12 barracuda. B b b b barracuda? Jason was telling me a few weeks ago, " an
RobFeb-13-00 07:27 PM
by Rob

January 24, 2000 Morning Run [View all]
After hearing about the excellent bite yesterday (Saturday) I rousted up some recruits and Jamon, John-Paul, Brian, his buddy and I went out for the m
RobJan-23-00 09:01 PM
by Rob

Fish Report for Jan, 22 2000 [View all]
I talked to Jason, the captain of the Stardust tonight on the phone and reported they had a great bite today on the sculpin and sandbass. With 23 guy
RobJan-22-00 06:17 PM
by Rob

Fish Report for Jan 14, 2000 [View all]
Today with 5 anglers the Stardust captured 13 Sculpin, 6 sandbass, and 1 whitefish. Jason also reports lots of rockfish released.
RobJan-15-00 12:51 AM
by Rob

Fishing report for January 8, 2000 [View all]
<center><font size="1" color="#ff0000">LAST EDITED ON Jan-10-00 AT 00:29 AM (PST)</font></center ><p>Today was one of those beautiful Santa Barbar
RobJan-08-00 06:17 PM
by norma chen
Replies to this topic:
calstar rod, Brian, Jan 08th 2000, #1
1/8/2000, norma chen, Jan 08th 2000, #2

Fishing Report for December 21 [View all]
Today with 9 passengers the Stardust caught 2 cabezon 1 sculpin, 13 red snapper, 43 rockfish, and 20 sandabs. Jason reports good fishing locally with
RobDec-21-99 06:32 PM
by Rob

Fish Count for December 12, 1999 [View all]
Today with 10 passengers the Stardust bagged 2<BR>whitefish, 1 lingcod, 8 red snapper, and 53 rockfish.
RobDec-12-99 05:43 PM
by Rob

Fishing report for December 10, 1999 [View all]
Today with 5 anglers the Stardust had 3<BR>whitefish, 3 red snapper, and 25 rockfish.
RobDec-10-99 05:55 PM
by Rob

Fish Report for December 9, 1999 [View all]
Today with 5 passengers the Stardust captured 3 whitefish, 2 red snapper, 1 sheephead, and 24 rockfish. Gotta love those light loads =)
RobDec-09-99 06:12 PM
by Rob

November 6th Fish Count [View all]
Today the Stardust had a great half day run with <BR>17 passengers they did some damage on the rockfish capturing 4 sculpin, 19 whitefish, 5 lingcod,
rbelloniNov-06-99 07:21 PM
by rbelloni

Fishin Updates for November 4 [View all]
Last weekend I spent a nice morning out on the Stardust on Sunday. JD was driving the boat and we headed down to the 4 mile to fish some shallow wate
rbelloniNov-04-99 08:13 PM
by rbelloni

Fish Report for October 1, 1999 [View all]
Today Brian Long, James Beck, John Paul Beck and I headed out for an afternoon on the Stardust. The weather was really nice, sunny with a slight bree
RobOct-03-99 08:24 PM
by Rob

More albies taken on the Stardust [View all]
Today Jason took the Stardust out on a crew trip with 7 guys and they brought back 26 albacore! I'll fill in more details when I talk to him next.
rbelloniSep-27-99 06:17 PM
by rbelloni

Report for September 21st [View all]
Today with a light load of 6 anglers the Stardust landed: 5 calico bass, 3 sandbass, 2 barracuda, 2 ling cod, 18 rockfish, and 1 sheephead.<P><a href=
rbelloniSep-21-99 06:23 PM
by rbelloni

Albacore on the Stardust! [View all]
Just got a message from a passanger aboard this past weekend's charter on the Stardust. Fishing overnight they had 32 albacore for 15 passangers, 14
rbelloniSep-21-99 02:33 PM
by rbelloni

Report for September 16 [View all]
Today the Stardust had a great day on the calico bass with only 6 passengers they bagged 40 calico bass, 2 sandbass, and 12 rockfish.
rbelloniSep-16-99 05:58 PM
by rbelloni

Report for September 14 [View all]
Today with 7 anglers the Stardust captured 1 sandbass, 1 sculpin, 1 red snapper, and 19 rockfish <a href="http://www.sta rdustsportfishing.co m">http://
Rob BelloniSep-14-99 09:43 PM
by Rob Belloni

Report for September 12 [View all]
Today was an excellent trip on the rock cod with 22 passengers the Stardust boated 38 whitefish, 2 lingcod, 45 red snapper, 280 rockfish, and 17<BR>s
Rob BelloniSep-12-99 07:39 PM
by Rob Belloni

Report for August 23 [View all]
with 10 anglers today the Stardust had 6 sandbass and 18 rockfish
Rob BelloniAug-23-99 06:53 PM
by Rob Belloni

Report for August 18 [View all]
Today with 37 anglers on 2 trips we landed: 1 calico bass, 9 sand bass, 3 sculpin, 17 ocean whitefish, 95 rockfish, 4 sheephead. <a href="http://www.s
Donya DiamondAug-18-99 11:45 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 17 [View all]
Today on 2 runs with 56 anglers we laned: 4 sandbass, 4 sculpin, 15 whitefish, 110 rockfish, and 1 sheephead. <a href="http://www.sta rdustsportfishing
Donya DiamondAug-17-99 11:08 PM
by Donya Diamond
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