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White Sea Bass! [View all]
Jason Just Called in from the Stardust on a 1/2 day trip. and they have 2 WHITE SEA BASS. 35lb & 18lb. as well as some barracuda! They are continuing
StardustJun-20-11 06:33 PM
by Which Way Out
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RE: White Sea Bass!, Which Way Out, Jun 20th 2011, #1

White Sea Bass! [View all]
White Sea Bass at Santa Rosa Island today!! It was a nice one too!! 24 Anglers, 1 Whitefish, 1 White Seabass, 162 Rockfish, 10 Lingcod This monda
StardustMay-19-12 05:15 PM01357

Win 2 passes on the Stardust [View all]
A new promotion for the Stardust site: Enter your name and email address on the Stardustsportfishing .com homepage to enter a drawing for 2 free passes
swimbaitOct-03-01 08:54 AM
by swimbait
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RE: Win 2 passes on the Stardust, swimbait, Sep 27th 2001, #2
      RE: Win 2 passes on the Stardust, broomstick, Oct 03rd 2001, #3
           RE: Win 2 passes on the Stardust, swimbait, Oct 03rd 2001, #4

Wind [View all]
We are not going out tomorrow due to more crummy weather. Friday & Sunday's 3/4 day trips are a go! Call the Sea Landing for reservations 805-963-35
StardustMay-06-14 06:39 PM0868

Winner, Winner, fishy Dinner! [View all]
38 Anglers today went to Santa Rosa Island on our open party 3/4 day trip and are going home with 380 Rockfish & 35 Lingcod!!! Winner winner, fishy di
StardustJul-20-14 05:01 PM01042

Winter 1/2 day fun [View all]
19 Anglers, 7 Calico Bass, 1 Lingcod, 1 Ocean Whitefish, 106 Rockfish, 10 Sheephead. Great 1/2 day fishing today! Tomorrow's 1/2 day is a go, call o
StardustNov-22-11 03:59 PM01779

WOW [View all]
40 Anglers, 38 Lingcod, 132 Ocean Whitefish, 78 Red Rockfish, 235 Rockfish, 1 Sheephead. W O W. We had some gooood fishing today at Santa Rosa Islan
StardustApr-11-14 05:07 PM01106

WoW! [View all]
We had a private charter today that went up the coast and really spanked the fish!! 25 Anglers, 250 Rockfish, 25 Lingcod, 147 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Yello
StardustNov-01-14 04:15 PM01299

WSB [View all]
30 Anglers, 5 Sand Bass, 1 Lingcod, 2 Sheephead, 65 Rockfish, 8 Barracuda, 4 White Sea Bass, We had excellent surface fishing on our 1/2 day trip. Ou
StardustJul-16-12 02:36 PM01440

WSB & Barracuda [View all]
We had a nice bite on WSB & Barracuda today. 1/2 day fishing is awesome this time of year, so book your spots for next week. 25 Anglers, 45 Rockfish
StardustJul-12-12 07:01 PM01494

WSB & Light Loads [View all]
12 Anglers (I told you loads were getting lighter), 1 White Seabass, 93 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 5 Sheephead. Yes, we caught a seabass, a nice one. We a
StardustAug-26-14 03:08 PM01159

WSB & Barracuda [View all]
Really, really, really, good 1/2 day fishing today. Come on out tomorrow for more of the same. 25 Anglers, 4 White Sea Bass, 74 Barracuda Tomorrow i
StardustJun-22-11 03:34 PM02747

WSB and 5am special on sunday [View all]
Capt. Jason just called in, they have 3 White Sea Bass 15-25 lbs. Real nice fish. Will post pics as soon as they get a chance to send them. We have
StardustJun-22-11 01:40 PM02486

WSB on the Coast [View all]
Nice fishing down the coast today. The WSB continue to bite for us. 27 Anglers, 208 Rockfish, 2 Rock Sole, 2 White Sea Bass, 4 Barracuda We are open
StardustJun-26-11 03:36 PM02560
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