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1/2 day fun [View all]
Fun fishing today, looking forward to more of it tomorrow! Just show up at 8:30am, the trip is 9am-3pm. 15 Anglers, 1 Ocean Whitefish, 60 Red Snappe
StardustAug-29-11 05:20 PM01736

1/2 day fun [View all]
Really great 1/2 day fishing! Our next open party trip is thursday 9am-3pm Call for reservations 805-963-3564. 17 Anglers, 2 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Barr
StardustSep-19-11 05:17 PM01811

1/2 day fun [View all]
Today brought great 1/2 day fishing with a nice calico, and sheephead as you can see in the pictures! Tomorrow's 3/4 day trip is a go with a really l
StardustSep-29-11 02:46 PM01544

1/2 day fun [View all]
Limits today, and lots of fun. More of the same tomorrow! call 805-963-3564 or just show up at 8:30am trip is 9am-3pm. 6 Anglers, 30 Rockfish, 30 Ve
StardustOct-17-11 05:07 PM01734

1/2 day fun [View all]
15 Anglers, 52 Rockfish, 4 Sheephead, 2 Ocean Whitefish. Wednesday's 1/2 day trip has a really light load, call the landing for reservations 805-963-
StardustNov-07-11 04:15 PM01681

1/2 day fun [View all]
13 Anglers, 6 Calico Bass, 1 Sheephead, 70 Rockfish, 1 Sand Bass. Had fun on the 1/2 day trip. We got some bass to bite, and of course great rockfis
StardustJun-25-12 03:22 PM01258

1/2 day fun & Mothers Day [View all]
Capt. Dane got some nice fish on the boat today! 16 Anglers, 126 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 1 Sheephead, 1 Sand Bass, 1 Ocean Whitefish. Really great 1/2
StardustMay-07-13 04:09 PM0938

1/2 day fun day [View all]
16 Anglers, 89 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 1 Cabazon, 5 Sheephead. Good fishing today on our local 1/2 day trip. We are a go for tuesday's trip, we are 1/2
StardustOct-14-13 03:59 PM0800

1/2 day fun with kids [View all]
This is a great week to take the kids out 1/2 day fishing! Nice weather, good fishing and light loads! 15 Anglers, 112 Rockfish, 7 Sheephead, 6 Ocean
StardustApr-03-13 02:51 PM01030

1/2 day going tomorrow [View all]
Tomorrow's 1/2 day trip is going!! Just show up for an awesome day of fishing! questions? call 805-963-3564 the landing closes at 6pm. We are also
StardustMay-25-11 05:05 PM01994

1/2 day going tomorrow [View all]
Going back out 1/2 day fishing tomorrow. Continuing the search for the surface fishing. Hope to see you out there! 19 Anglers, 5 Calico Bass, 3 Sand
StardustJul-26-11 06:35 PM01732

1/2 day going tomorrow [View all]
1/2 day fishing starts the week off on the right foot. Come on out this week tues-thurs 1/2 day. 16 Anglers, 3 Kelp Bass, 2 Barred Sand Bass, 74 Roc
StardustAug-22-11 06:28 PM01504

1/2 day Halibut [View all]
Am 1/2 day 30 Anglers, 1 Sand Bass, 116 Rockfish, 3 Lingcod, 1 Calico Bass, 2 halibut Pm 1/2 day 20 Anglers, 2 Sand Bass, 72 Rockfish, 1 Halibut, 2
StardustOct-02-11 06:00 PM01506

1/2 day halibut! [View all]
Great 1/2 day fishing yesterday. 28 Anglers1 California Halibut, 142 Rockfish, 7 Kelp Bass THEN 8 Anglers, 9 Barracuda. Out today on a 5am special, w
StardustJun-26-11 07:16 AM02259

1/2 day is back! [View all]
Great fishing today on the Stardust with Capt. Jason. Really lite load and a great mixed bag of fish! 9 anglers, 82 Rockfish, 2 Sand Bass, 1 Calico
StardustAug-31-11 02:52 PM01581

1/2 day light loads [View all]
12 Anglers, 1 Sheephead, 5 Rockfish, 46 Red Snapper, 1 Ocean Whitefish. Tomorrow's 1/2 day trip is a light load, call NOW for reservations 805-963-35
StardustNov-14-11 05:10 PM01507

1/2 Day Limits [View all]
11 Anglers, 110 Rockfish, 5 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Sculpin. Really goood 1/2 day fishing with amazing weather. Fishing in shallow water, plastics, jigs,
StardustMar-12-13 03:30 PM01080

1/2 day limits [View all]
12 Anglers, 73 Red Rockfish, 47 Rockfish. Limits on our 1/2 day trip today, continues to be mostly REDS!!! Our local fishing has been so good, come on
StardustJun-06-13 03:40 PM0888

1/2 Day Limits [View all]
22 Anglers, 180 Red Rockfish, 40 Rockfish, 11 Whitefish, 2 Lingcod. 1/2 day fishing continues to be good with limits of rockfish, mostly reds. Bring y
StardustMay-11-15 03:16 PM01439

1/2 day limits [View all]
11 Anglers, 100 Red Rockfish, 10 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod. Limits of rockfish- almost exclusively reds on our 1/2 day trip, lots of fun as usual. The weath
StardustJun-29-15 03:29 PM01353

1/2 Day Limits! [View all]
25 Anglers, 112 Red Rockfish, 138 Rockfish, 1 lingcod. Limits of rockfish on the coastal 1/2 day trip. Beautiful weather and great people made this an
StardustMar-19-14 02:22 PM01109

1/2 Day Limits! [View all]
31 Anglers, 310 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod. The fishing in our local 1/2 day zone has been crazy good, and keeps getting better! We had a great time fishing
StardustJul-07-14 06:33 PM0901

1/2 day limits! [View all]
13 Anglers, 68 Red Rockfish, 62 Rockfish. Limits of Rockfish on our LIGHT LOAD 1/2 day trip. We had great fishing today, we had to go deeper today b
StardustAug-28-14 04:20 PM01071

1/2 day limits-mostly reds! [View all]
22 Anglers, 172 Red Rockfish, 48 Rockfish, 1 Bonito, 6 Whitefish, 5 Lingcod, 6 Sheephead. Great 1/2 day fishing, the reds really bit along with the Sh
StardustMar-10-15 04:29 PM01412

1/2 day limits. [View all]
18 Anglers, 136 Rockfish, 44 Red Rockfish. Limits of rockfish today right here in Santa Barbara! Great fishing today and look forward to more on Frida
StardustOct-23-13 05:05 PM0760
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